LAI International Released the ARCAM Q20 for Development and Production Use


September, 2015

LAI releases the ARCAM Q20 EBM machine to begin our journey into Additive Manufacturing for our Customers.  We have partnered with Titan Industries to provide Design Services to provide a complete full service for our Customers.  We also added Additive Manufacturing engineers that have been keen in developing processes and standards within the industry to create guidelines and requirements that will drive the Additive Manufacturing segment throughout the US. 

We can perform training for design teams on determining the right kind of candidate parts to convert to AM re-design through qualification, printing and post AM processing.  Our initial focus is the Aerospace and Defense markets but will support any Customer with a need.

LAI has already provided services for a research lab and a space launch provider.  We are looking to add many more Customers in the next few months.  Feel free to fill out web form for more information or to speak directly with one of our experts on our team.


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