Arcam: Aerospace Order From The U.S.

February, 2015

Arcam announced that it has received an order for an Arcam Q20 System from LAI International in Arizona. The system will be used for production of aerospace components.

"With increased demand for advanced manufacturing solutions, we believe investing in the latest EBM technology will give LAI an edge in the aerospace industry. Arcam is the leading supplier of titanium additive manufacturing systems and we turned to them with confidence"

-Mike Koesling, LAI International Vice President of Engineering

"I am excited for the opportunity to branch out into new technology space consistent with our company strategy. This will open up new market opportunities with new customers in the industries we serve"

-Patrick J Gruetzmacher, CEO/President of LAI International

"This deal confirms the potential for our EBM technology within the aerospace industry. We look forward to working closely with LAI International to further grow their activities in this innovative, demanding industry"

-Magnus René, CEO of Arcam


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